Belize Funds License

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Belize Funds License

Brief Overview:

Belize is a well-regulated jurisdiction with competent and efficient financial services supervisory authorities. Funds are licensed under The Belize Mutual Funds Act 2000 (Revised 2011)

The Belize Mutual Funds Act recognizes below types of funds;

    Belize Public Funds

The Belize Mutual Funds Act defines a public fund as a fund that offers any shares it issues for subscription or purchase to any member of the general public or any section thereof; and which is registered as a public fund under the Belize Mutual Funds Act.

Key features;

  • This is the type of fund that attracts the highest degree of regulation.
  • Funds must be registered before engaging in any business activity in or from within the Belize.
  • A Public Fund must publish a prospectus including the information required by the Act and must also produce and distribute audited annual financial statements.

    Belize Private and Professional Funds

The Belize Mutual Funds Act defines a Private Fund as a fund that has less than fifty investors and the constitutional documents of which prohibit the offering of its shares to the general public.

At application, must state invitation to subscribe to the fund is on private basis

    Belize Professional Fund

The act defines, professional mutual fund, as a fund the shares in which are offered only to professional investors and The initial investment in which, in respect of each investor, is not less than US dollars 100, 000or its equivalent in any other currency.