Kaith Consultants is a top tier Investment & Business Consulting firm.



In the dynamic financial climate, investment businesses and investors are faced with large number of choices and opportunities at any given moment. Our investment research services is designed to help you address this challenge as listed below:

    Generate Investment Ideas

Kaith Consultants can screen markets, evaluate companies, compare multiple opportunities and analyze trends to give you a constant flow of new investment ideas.

    Financial Modelling

The Kaith Consultants team can bring advanced financial modeling skills to bear on the most complex investment decision.

    Assessing Global Trends

Kaith Consultants operates on a global perspective and is ideally positioned to provide a comprehensive perspective that encompasses political risks, interest rates, government debt and foreign exchange risks in both developed and emerging economies.

    Calculating Lending Risks

Kaith Consultants can help our clients avoid default risks by assessing business sustainability, cost structures, creditworthiness, financial ratios and performance outlook.

    Executing Fixed Income & Credit Research

Kaith Consultants uses techniques such as credit modeling, capital structure analysis and maturity scheduling to provide a comprehensive approach to screening both loans and bond markets.

    Carrying out project Analysis

When our clients need in-depth analysis of specific projects such as alternative investments or Fintech business, Kaith Consultants can provide whatever is required with a quick turnaround.

    Writing & Editing proposals

Kaith Consultants can help our clients make the best possible first impression and achieve professional quality in white papers, presentations, industry reports, marketing materials and business plans.

    Performing Due Diligence

In response to the increasing need to pay proper attention to due diligence on a daily basis, we can shorten the process while providing SWOT analysis, analyzing annual reports, evaluating management and conducting interviews.

    Analyzing Market Data

In a “Big Data” world, we know how to analyze market trends, perform inductive market analysis and assemble macroeconomic forecasts needed for business decision making.

    Producing Equity Research

We identify equity investments that provide the best possible diversification while improving the risk-return profile for the overall portfolio.