Banking Solutions

Kaith Consultants is a top tier Investment & Business Consulting firm.

Banking Solutions

Onshore Bank Accounts

Selecting the right banking institution is crucial in succeeding, whether in business or personally. Our clients make use of our network to gain access to banking institutions around the world

We assist our clients in all their banking requirements from the selection of the banking institution and account type to assistance with opening bank accounts. Our consultants have experience in the most reputable banks in Africa and globally. Over the years we have managed to build strong relationships with banking institutions and relationship managers ensuring a speedy and quality service for both private and corporate clients.

Kaith Consultants Areas of specialization:

      • Provide clients with access to strong relationships with various banks in financial centers around the world
      • Facilitate bank account selection and opening of account
      • Bank movement monitoring and execution of transactions

Offshore Bank Accounts

Due to our broad experience, we can assist you with opening offshore bank account with the largest financial institutions across world centers. Pointing you the right offshore bank account requires research and a detailed evaluation of the services that they provide as well as of the charges involved. We always make sure that the bank account is customized for achieving your objectives, and is in sync with the desired payment processing solution.