Corporation & Fiduciary Services

Kaith Consultants is a top tier Investment & Business Consulting firm.

Corporation & Fiduciary Services

Asset Protection & Fiduciary Solutions

We understand that discretion and security are of prime importance to our clients. Therefore, where maximum confidentiality is required, or to achieve the highest level of asset protection, Kaith Consultants provides below specialized services.

      • Provision of professional company managers and directors
      • Provision of nominee shareholders and trustees
      • Company incorporation and administration
      • Formation advice and corporate structuring
      • Post-registration services
      • Re-domiciliation of companies

Corporate Services

Our team aims to make the incorporation process a smooth and effortless experience for our clients. Guaranteed confidentiality through a professional and experienced team.

Our firm can assist with the incorporation of a company in the jurisdiction of your choice as well as the acquisition and sale of companies. We always ensure a smooth, timely and efficient registration process. Our contacts allow us to assist you with the appointment and composition of a competent Board of Directors.

Our fiduciary services also include, provision of secretary, registered office address, nominee shareholders and bank signatories.

Areas of specialization of Kaith Consultants:

      • Company formation in the jurisdiction of the client’s choice
      • Fiduciary services including appointment of corporate directors, secretary, nominee shareholders, registered address, escrow agents and services
      • Secretarial services such as annual fillings and other statutory fillings
      • Banking services such as bank account opening, banking instructions processing, bank signatories, and transfers

Premium Directorships

Appointing a director is an enormously important decision for any board. We work with clients to ensure that the selected board members have a diverse blend of skills and experience that match the strategic direction of their organizations.

As industries continue to evolve, the need for high performing executives remains constant. Identifying and attracting executive talent requires access to senior executives, a rigorous assessment approach and a deep understanding of different industries and functional roles. By combining these factors, we are able to help you find leaders who best fit your organization’s unique needs and have a lasting impact.

Areas of specialization of Kaith Consultants:

      • Access to a unique database of senior executives with expertise in various industries and sectors, both private and public
      • Thorough background checks and referencing to assess competence of the individual
      • Assist in negotiations over compensation and other terms
      • Specialized Human Capital consultants