Governance Consulting Services

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Governance Consulting Services

Due Diligence :  A thorough assessment of the status and practices of corporate governance for the client highlighting specific areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Comprehensive Action Plans : a recommendations governance restructuring roadmap.

Drafts of Governance Related Documentations : the most important being the governance code, the charters and terms of reference for the board and committees and other governance organs, and key policies.

The Implementation Phase : The team carries out its commitment towards our clients and ensures that the governance action plans are followed through to implementation.

Training and Workshops A cornerstone of appropriate implementation is building awareness to corporate governance among the firm’s concerned officers and their role therein through a series of trainings and workshops delivered by our experts.

Kaith Consultants Areas of specialization;

      • Offer advisory services to assist organizations to implement and comply with corporate governance requirements.
      • e provide solutions to enable board members and directors to direct and monitor the operations and management of their company in line with good governance practices and guidelines.
      • We assess existing corporate governance practices and structures implemented and benchmark these against best practice and appropriate corporate governance codes
      • Advising on establishing and implementing a code of ethics.
      • We provide induction and other training and development programs for board members and executive management in terms of corporate governance principles and practices.
      • Formulation of corporate governance frameworks, charters, mandates and policies; processes and constructing of terms of reference for various board and board sub-committees, as well as management committees.