Human Capital Solutions

Kaith Consultants is a top tier Investment & Business Consulting firm.

Human Capital Solutions

Kaith Consultants offers specialized HR consulting services and tools in order to improve human resources (HR) management performance. Our Human Capital Solutions include the following:

      • Recruitment and Selection
      • Human Resources Audit
      • Performance Management
      • Design and Implementation of HR Policy Manuals
      • Payroll management
      • Training and Development
      • Psychometric Analysis
      • Outsourcing of the HR function

Recruitment and Selection

We screen and assess potential candidates through personal interviews, personality and aptitude tests and assessment centers.
We identify suitable candidates that meet business’ requirements for the relevant the position.
We present to our clients an overall evaluation of each short-listed candidate.

HR Audit

In many cases, before starting an outsourcing assignment, our HR Consultants evaluate whether the procedures and policies applied by the HR Department are in line with current laws and regulations and adapted to the needs of the company (best practice) by a prior compliance and efficiency audit. This type of audit allows a newly appointed HR Director to have a quick overview on the situation and to know the strong and week points of his department.

HR Advisory Services

We help clients achieve operational excellence by redesigning their company’s most critical processes.
We shape talent strategies linked to business needs, understand workforce trends, develop great leaders and build an excellent HR function.
We analyze the whole company, a business unit or a function by performing a diagnostic and we deliver solutions that build internal capabilities for improving and measuring performance.
Human Capital is not only the people in organizations—it is what those people bring and contribute that can lead the organization to achieve its goals.

Performance Management

We help our clients measuring the accomplishment of the strategic objectives of the organization. The process includes clarifying expectations, setting objectives, identifying goals, providing feedback, and reviewing results.

Outsourcing of the HR function

Kaith Consultants is a partner of choice for small and medium-sized firms as well as for start-ups when it comes to outsourcing of the HR function.
Our Consultants work on the premises of the client to execute the HR function for & by an HR Department.

Training & Development

In this context, Kaith Consultants offers a catalogue of specific training programs tailor-made for various organizations. These programs, run by specialists for specialists, are aimed at majorly to meet the clients’ training needs.

Kaith Consultants is also regularly requested to assist their clients in defining and implementing their training policy.
To formulate all the alternative scenarios
To design the new processes and operations
To implement the proposed changes