Internal Audit Outsourcing

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Internal Audit Outsourcing

Internal Audit Outsourcing allows your organization to employ a temporary staff of audit experts to perform objective analysis and tests, and issue reports. Internal Audit Co-sourcing allows your organization to leverage Kaith Consultants’ knowledgeable audit partners with your existing in-house audit employees.

Kaith Consultants, through its audit partners specializes in providing a full complement of internal audit services to companies in a variety of industries. Our services range from assisting management with the creation of an internal audit function to providing specialized skill sets to augment the most established and sophisticated internal audit departments.

Some of the primary outsourced internal audit services offered by Kaith Consultants include:

    • Providing a full-service “one-stop” solution for developing, fulfilling, and maintaining a company’s ongoing internal audit function.
    • Performing quality reviews (“health checks”) on a company’s internal audit function to ensure effectiveness and adherence to regulatory and/or compliance requirements.
    • Helping with the development of a company’s internal audit function.
    • Providing advisory services to audit committees and senior management.