Investment Consulting Services

Kaith Consultants is a top tier Investment & Business Consulting firm.

Investment Consulting Services

Kaith Consultants offers innovative solutions that focus on managing absolute and relative downside risk specific to its clients’ needs. Our consultants have access to new and diversified markets, partners and solutions focussed on creating and protecting wealth.

We partner with investment managers who manages money on behalf of retirement funds and vehicles, medical aid schemes, corporate entities, trusts, foundations and individuals by providing independent third-party opinion of specific investment projects.

For individual investors, we provide appropriate solutions at a fair price as we understand the importance of keeping costs low in a changing investment environment.

Kaith Consultants Areas of specialization :

      • Provides diversified, cost-effective investment statements that meet private client requirements through a carefully crafted philosophy.
      • Investment advisory services for clients who wish to make their own investment selections and need to be advised on appropriate platform to do so.
      • Formulation of Global and Local Investment strategies
      • Local and offshore investments structuring and Setting up
      • Alternative Investments advisory services-Private Equity, Debt Funds, Real Estate, Hedge Funds, Other Fund Structures
      • Asset Allocation Modelling and Diversification
      • Client Education on such topics as, Analysis of Common Benchmarks, The Case for International Investing and The Role of Hedge Funds Today.
      • Investment Policy Development, client’s investment policy statement serves as the blueprint that establishes and outlines the procedures, investment philosophy, guidelines, and constraints to be followed by all parties.
      • Provision of Independent Asset Manager services